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3D Detailing for 3D Construction!

Our enthusiastic Design Team took an important step recently, attending their first training session in a 3D, BIM compliant detailing package. This powerful software will transform how drawings and visual aids are generated and issued.

Unlike two-dimensional drawings, one central model feeds through to the various views, drawings and schedules for approval, manufacture, first and second fix stage. The software has the capacity for collaborative design and to incorporate every detail of construction – almost like building a home in a virtual space prior to the real thing!

All this returns improved efficiency in design and production as well as reducing the risk of error. We’ll be running our next project through the software and look forward to seeing the benefits.

Stephen Wright3D Detailing for 3D Construction!
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The Chimney’s are up!

This BuildWright home is really starting to take shape! These chimneys certainly look the part and some may be surprised to hear they are purely cosmetic rather than functional.

With a focus towards energy efficiency, our customer did not wish for an open fireplace. Instead, they opted for two feature fireplaces, one gas and one electric. But to keep the external appearance in line with the rest of the building BuildWright sourced two artificial chimneys which where installed this week.

We can’t wait to get the scaffolding down for a proper look at this stunning, 3,000ft2 home.

Stephen WrightThe Chimney’s are up!
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Clever Kitchen for Compact Living

Did you know that every BuildWright customer receives a customised kitchen design tailored to their precise needs? Everything from the layout to the doors and handles, there is a design to suit your taste and budget!

This latest design is the perfect fit for an 25m2 studio currently in production – compact and smart just like the overall design.

Stephen WrightClever Kitchen for Compact Living
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ISO Audit Success

At a recent ISO audit, we successfully extended the scope of our ISO Certified Management Systems to include activities in the BuildWright division. Read more about the background, extent and importance of this certification here.

Stephen WrightISO Audit Success
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