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10 Step Guide to a BuildWright Modular Concrete Home

Acquiring a home that can be moved into just weeks after it first appears on site is somewhat different to the journey most home-builders face.

Step 1: Access, Access, Access!

There is no denying it, any house is a big house when you are trying to manoeuvre it via public roads – even when separated into various modular sections.
A good standard of access is essential and the first thing our team are likely to seek from a new enquiry is an Eircode/Postcode or GPS co-ordinates.
With this information we can carry out a free desk study using online tools to assess the road network leading to your site.

To return best value to the customer, we like to transport maximum width and length modules to site. This can mean widths of up to 4.3m on the back of an articulated lorry. That’s the equivalent of two large jeeps side by side. Overhanging obstructions, verging and turning circles also need to be taken into account.

Step 2: Discuss, Review, Consider

The BuildWright offering is unique, the same can be said for the needs of each customer and project. There are various means of establishing if BuildWright is the best option for you:

    • Reviewing BuildWright consumer literature, home options and price estimates
    • Scheduling a call or meeting with a member of our sales team
    • Reviewing design options in more depth
    • Consider your budget and speak with mortgage provider
    • Discussing everything with a suitably qualified architect (Architects are also welcome to partake in meetings and direct questions to our team)
    • Confirm access parameters with a physical site inspection

Step 3: Design Options

There are two paths you can take when finalising the design for your BuildWright home:

Pre-Designed Homes or Design Your Own

BuildWright Pre-Designs will offer best value for money and we are continuously developing the range of homes available. Floorplans are optimised to deliver effective use of space for various living styles.  Customers still have the opportunity to make minor adjustments to the floorplans to better suit their needs and when it comes to selection of both internal and external finishes, you are provided with the same level of flexibility as any of our ‘Bespoke’ customers.

Step 4: Planning Approval

Now that you are happy with your design and specification, it’s time to seek planning
approval. For either design option clients will require an architect or suitably qualified
professional to guide them through this process. If you’d like a recommendation, a member of our team will be happy to make some suggestions for architects with experience of our system.

Step 5: Mortgage Approval

If you are financing your build with a mortgage, lenders will generally seek proof of planning permission along with confirmation on the cost of build and value of your home.
Before approaching the bank, customers may wish to re-visit the specification in more detail in case needs have changed. BuildWright will provide customers with a detailed
specification and quotation with a schedule of payments to aid this process

Step 6: Order Confirmation

With planning permission and finances now in place, it’s time to confirm the order and secure your production slot.
A sales contract will be signed by all parties and a 5% deposit required to secure your production slot and allow our team to progress detailed production drawings and finalise the specification and material required to begin manufacture.
A payment plan will be agreed upon at this stage.

Step 7: Approval to Manufacture

Depending on the project size, the Approval to Manufacture (ATM) process normally takes place over the course of 4 weeks. The BuildWright team work closely with the client and the design team to agree the details & finishes required get started.

Step 8: The Build Begins

Whilst the BuildWright team are working on the module(s), the client and their groundworks contractor can be progressing with the site, installing the foundations, services & ensuring suitable access for the installation.  Final site inspection will take place no later than 3 weeks prior to the agreed installation date.

Step 9: Installation & Commissioning

This is where things really speed up. Our team arrive on site early on day 1 to get the crane set up to begin lifting the unit(s) into place.  Connection of services typically begin on day 2.
The only aspect of the install which can be influenced by weather is the rendering/
plastering the exterior of your home – however this does not prevent the furnishing or occupying of your home as protection from the weather is already provided.
Depending on the project, installations will generally take anything from 3 days to 4 weeks – this will have been clarified earlier in the sales process.

Step 10: Completion

After completing the install, our Project Manager will again visit your home to complete a snag list should there be any minor details which need corrected. Here they will agree a speedy timeframe for any remedial measures and work towards the closing date of your project. At this stage all certificates and manuals are handed over and the final staged payment is received.

Now all that’s left to do is for you to enjoy your warm, comfortable and robust BuildWright home!

Roberta Hamilton10 Step Guide to a BuildWright Modular Concrete Home